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The first question that comes into mind is why use Real Estate Agent to rent either a residential (condo, house) or commercial (office, store etc.) propertiesl. There are tons of websites in Toronto where you could view both the apartments and commercial properties.  The answer is simple Real Estate Agents go through hundreds of showing per week of different properties. A good Real Estate Agent can quickly determine the fair price, pro and cons of a certain property and help with the right contract. Moreover Real Estate Agents have the biggest access to rental market and can provide more options to choose from than any singular website. Lastly, but very importantly YOU WILL SAVE TIME. You might spend weeks analyzing listings and filtering the good ones, Real Estate Agent can do it in a very short amount of time and point you right away to only worthy choices.


Real Estate Agent saves the time and makes the process of renting your property virtually painless. There are a lot of laws protecting tenants in Ontario and Toronto especially. That is why before even thinking about getting a tenant a through check and analysis needs to be done. Realtor knows all of the legal intricacies involved in a process. Coupled with an access to potential renters and again the time saved – makes Realtor fees so much worth it in a long run.


If you would like to learn more, please read some of the articles I wrote in a past in regards to renting in Toronto.  You can always use the form bellow to contact me, should have any questions or clarifications are needed.

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