How To Find a Realtor To Sell My Property

December 22, 2010

Finding a real estate agent is not a problem, but finding a good and honest one is! With the market saturated with real estate agents, more and more people are bombarded with the challenge of finding one that will professionally attend to their needs and not abuse of any given opportunity to get financial gain. Whether you are selling your house for the fist time, here are a few tips to bear in mind to hire a professional and honest listing agent to sell your property.

License– Before you hire a listing agent always ensure that they are licensed to act in Toronto real estate. This will save you from being tricked and ripped off and give you the opportunity to perform a check on their background and work history.
Interview– It is imperative that you have at least two interviews with the real estate agent that you plan to hire. A five minute phone call to ask them about themselves and their working experience is not an interview. It is best to get a face to face interview to study how the listing agent and real estate agent that you plan to hire react to certain questions and how they deliver themselves professionally.
References: Even if you know someone that has used a particular real estate agent, take the time to get more references to check his or her credibility on the market. Look to see how many complaints have been filed against their names and how the case was handled.
Location: It makes no sense to get a real estate agent that is familiar with New Brunswick real estate . He or she will not know about the Toronto market and will not have the necessary knowledge to provide meaningful guidance regarding the market, house prices and types of houses in a particular area in Toronto. You want a listing agent that will be able to take a ball that is thrown at him or her and know how to deliver it in a professional manner.
Networking: Professional real estate agents know the importance  maintaining meaningful contacts in the real estate market. Use the interview you will conduct with the real estate agent that you are thinking of hiring to know about his or her affiliation and the organizations that he or she is a part of.
Interests: There are many money grabber real estate agents on the market and these are the ones that you should be careful of. They are not concerned about you as a client, but how quickly they can fill their pockets with the commission they receive. Real estate agents that act in this manner usually conduct questionable business practices to get ahead. Hire someone that will take the sale of your home seriously and that will not badger you to sell it as quickly as possible.
Sharpness: This is a quality that you will discover when you are conducting an interview with a real estate agent. He or she should demonstrate a certain awareness about different issues that will affect the sale of your house. If you notice that your real estate agent takes too long to return calls or has to be reminded or even told about what needs to be done to perform his function , then it is a sign that you will need to find a new real estate agent.

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