Ways to Feng Shui Your Backyard

November 28, 2011

People are learning how to feng shui their homes and benefiting from the positive energy. You should not forget about the outside of your home.

All the energy in your home originally comes from the outside. Good feng shui can provide a calm and gentle garden environment and attract positive chi.

The same feng shui principles apply inside and out.

  • The Northeast corner of your backyard needs the feng shui element earth, to provide positive energy for personal growth. A rock garden or a Zen garden would be a good choice for this area.
  • Add a water feature to the Southeast section for abundance.
  • Use curving walkways instead of a straight path. A curve mimics nature.
  • Using flowing shapes when designing flower beds and other garden areas.
  • The West corner is a perfect space for a play area. This is the area of creativity.
  • The tinkling sound of wind chimes brings a healing energy.
  • Choose flowering plants with an eye for colours that bring good chi. Purple or red flowers planted in the South corner increase Fire energy, while yellow flowers planted in the Southeast increase Earth energy.
  • Place garden lights in the South corner, or add a fire pit or barbecue.
  • The Northwest corner is a good place to put a table and chairs. This invites helpful people into your life.
  • A birdbath or a rock garden, herbs such as peppermint, thyme, rosemary, or blue or purple flowers will bring wisdom if placed in the Northeast corner.
  • The Southeast corner of your yard is also a good area to place a wood structure such as a swing. Fill the area with many flowers and foilage, such as ferns, herbs, lavender and fruit trees.

Your backyard should be a place of creative harmony. We use our backyards to relax, play wit h our children, eat al fresco and entertain friends. A healthy chi will ensure that you enjoy your yard for many years to come.

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