Negotiating the Tricky Path To Buying a Cottage In Ontario

September 6, 2011

Part One – The Search

At this time of the year, as the warmer weather hits, there is an increased demand for recreational properties. Summer has finally appeared and the sunshine has us all yearning for an escape from the big city.

But buying a cottage property is no easy task – take it from me.  That’s why it’s imperative that you do your own homework. And this process begins by locating the ideal real estate representative.

Sure, you could make the long, costly journey from one listed cottage property to another in an attempt to find that cottage of your dreams. Your might even be lucky enough to find that property and purchase it without experiencing any problems whatsoever. For many though, this simply isn’t practical or advisable. 

Narrow Down Your Search by Selecting Industry Specialists

Buying and selling rural property is a highly specialized niche area within the real estate field. Let’s say you have a real estate agent you can trust, someone who has provided you with their services for previously completed city real estate deals.  While this person might have the skill and the panache to complete highly lucrative deals within the city, there are different factors to take into consideration when purchasing country property. Therefore, it’s imperative that you locate someone who has experience in advising cliental on country real estate transactions.

Tip – Your city-based real estate agent may provide you with a referral to an agent who solely specializes in this particular area of the industry.

When searching for a real estate specialist who can help you buy and sell cottages in Ontario, you require an expert who will provide you with up-to-date information concerning the follow key factors behind a high-value cottage property deal.

1.      Mortgages for your cottage

2.      Location

3.      Insurance

4.      Conducting a survey of your cottage

5.      Shore road allowance

6.      Ownership of your cottage

7.      Well systems

8.      Septic systems

9.      Crown land

10.  Building restrictions

11.  Cottage docks

12.  Heating

13.  Full-year cottage/seasonal cottage

14.  Boat use

15.  Grey water

16.  Federal rules and regulations for rural properties

17.  Environmental issues

The list above is a mere example of the distinct areas in which your cottage real estate specialist should be an expert. When speaking directly to your chosen representative, make sure they can answer any questions that you might have concerning the preceding topics.

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