Buying Home in Toronto?

If you are thinking of buying a new home in Toronto or GTA, by yourself you need to be ready to deal with:

  • the abundance of irrelevant information,
  • risk of overpaying
  • potentially buying a flawed property
  • handling of all the contracts
  • getting the mortgage and 
  • negotiations with the seller.

Working with a Realtor® can help to avoid the headaches absolutely free. You need to know that an agent is paid by the seller and buyer is not responsible for any costs. 

Buy your Toronto home with me – I can help with:

Assessing your needs: Asses details such as schools, shops, hospitals. I can help you to develop a game plan and to identify not just the right home, but the right neighborhood and a price range.

Filtering: Based on your criteria I will filter thousands of listings on MLS, lawn signs, FSBO offers and find properties that in reality match what are you looking for. No more calling by yourself just to figure out that the house on ad was sold very long time ago.

Minimize Risk: While buying a property a law doesn’t bind a seller to tell what is wrong with the property. I see and check homes everyday. I know what inspections are needed and honest home inspectors who will check your future home in and out virtually making it impossible to buy a flawed property.

You will get the property you want and won’t overpay for it: In order to put a reasonable offer and get the property you want without overpaying you need to perform comparative market analysis. I do these  reports for the living each and everyday. I will provide with a precise fair pricing for your home, future resale value and what will it take to get the listing.

I will Negotiate for you: Asking price is just an asking price. Negotiating a fair price can be very stressful experience -I will be your emotional buffer and will FIGHT to get the best price for the property.

Mortgages: I know the rates, the latest deals with the banks and mortgage experts who can help you obtain your mortgage quickly and hassle free!

When you are buying home with me you can be confident that I will be on your side, will find the house or a condo you actually need and will get you the best deal possible. Fill out the form bellow to start working with me and then just relax, I will take it from there!

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