Feng Shui in the Basement

August 7, 2011

Basements are linked to the first and second chakras of the body, which means that it is the “foundation” of your home’s health and energy. Since energy rises, your basement Feng Shui can set the tone for every floor and room above it. Here are some feng shui tips for the basement that will ensure positive energy flows through the foundation your home.

 Stairwells are Conduits of Chi
• Try to slow down the Chi on the basement stairs by providing a well-lit entry to the stairs and put up lighting on the landing
• Paint the staircase a light or bright color like white, yellow or pale green, and open the space by placing mirrors along the staircase walls
• Hang a picture of Chung Kwei or Kuan Kung near the stairs to create protective chi
• Be sure that the staircase is in good condition and doesn’t have creaking boards or broken steps
• Avoid using red carpets on the stairs since it creates negative energy
• A Fu dog at the bottom of the staircase can protect your home from bad energy

Creating Good Chi in the Basement
• Use light colors for the walls of your basement to help brighten up the space and encourage light throughout the room
• Clean up all clutter, and organize your boxes and items if you use the basement as a storage space
• Improve the quality of air in the basement by placing good air-purifying plants near the window. This can also help you feel closer to the outside world and alleviate depression. Bamboo plants are excellent for basement feng shui because it requires less light
• Hang feng shui artwork with vibrant colors along the wall
• Use essential oils, scented candles and incense to clear out the “basement smell”
• Help prevent too much cold by adding a space heater to a part of the basement that is free from water drainage and has plenty of proper ventilation to avoid fires. Just be sure not to turn it on if you are not in the room for safety.
• You can use carpeting along on the floors for a path of energy if you like as long as they are not red. Red creates bad chi.

De-Cluttering the Basement
• Start by removing all boxes and storage items from the area beneath the stairs
• Take advantage of utility carts and shelves for storing boxes off the floor
• Use tables for laundry if your basement is also your laundry hook up
• Place a light shelf or bookshelves near your laundry hook ups to store items such as detergent, bleach, and stain removers etc.
• Evenly space out your items being stored to create a better look and feel for the room
• Try to keep like items together. It can help reduce stress while looking for them, but it also looks better
• If you use your basement for do it yourself projects, keep your work area clean and clutter free, and use the tips above for storing tools etc.

Preventing Yin (bad chi) in Your Basement
• Keep the basement dry to avoid mold and other dangerous problems such as mold. You can use a dehumidifier for this
• Add as much light to the space as possible with windows, lamps or track lighting.
• Use wood flooring over carpeting because it prevents humidity from getting stuck underneath carpets etc.
• Paint the walls in light colors to up the yang factor and decrease the yin
• Since basements are said to represent the subconscious, and the past, try to avoid having any items that are associated with negative feelings out in the open

Following the feng shui basement tips mentioned above can help to send positive energy throughout your entire house. No matter where you live, good chi in your home’s foundation can set the stage for love, light and happiness for all who dwell there.

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