How to Make that GREAT First Impression When Selling Your Home

November 28, 2011

Every homebuyer is searching for a home that stands out and captures their attention immediately. That’s why it’s so important for those who are selling their property to prepare their home completely for the sale process. Without taking on this vital preparation work, you could be stuck with a property that stays on the market for a longer period of time than you had anticipated. So with that in mind, here are some top tips to help you sell your house quickly.

The View From Outside

Curb appeal is the first and foremost consideration when selling your house. Imagine your reaction to driving by a home that looks down-trodden and in disrepair. Now think back to those times you’ve driven by a home that has a beautiful lush green lawn that features neat landscaped architecture. Both properties might make you stop and stare. But only the second home is going to be worth a second look.

To ensure that you set the tone for the ideal home review, keep areas such as lawns, driveways and other exterior elements clean and neat-looking. Most real estate professionals will advise you to place flowers around the front of your door in order to present an alluring welcoming spot that combines sweet scents with high class aesthetics.

A Coat of Paint Ensures the Perfect Backdrop to the New-Look Property

Once your real estate agent has arranged for potential homebuyers to review the property, you must immediately begin staging your property for ideal viewing. One of the most valuable important house selling tips involves the décor of your property.

Painting is one of the first tasks to be completed once you’ve decide to put your home on the market, as it can often take a while to paint an entire area of a property and fresh paint offers immense eye-catching value when showcasing your property.  When guests walk in, you want them to see a vibrant living space that they can immediately fall in love with. While fresh paint isn’t the only item required, it’s certainly one of the most essential!

Presentation is EVERYTHING

Before beginning to invite interested buyers to review your property, it’s imperative that your home looks aesthetically pleasing. Therefore you must remove that unnecessary clutter that you’ve been meaning to throw away for months now. Clean out all of your closets and pack away those items that haven’t been used in years. In addition to helping provide you with a clean, clutter-free space which looks fantastic, de-cluttering your home will also begin to help you and your family de-personalize your attachment to the property, so that a new family can envision themselves living there.

Professional Repairs can SEAL THE DEAL

When a homeowner comes to review your home, the aesthetic elements are the first features that they will notice. However, they will often invite a home inspector to review the property before they purchase. This means that you should be prepared to repair any minor property damage such as broken or dysfunctional piping and chipped woodwork. By doing so, you can vastly improving your chances of selling your house quickly, as you will prove to the homebuyer that you are both professional and trustworthy.

Remember when trying to make your home sparkle for prospective buyers to always weigh the cost of the work against the overall return you’ll be getting for your investment. Larger, more expensive rejuvenation projects should be avoided where possible! The idea is to provide added value for both you and the future homeowner. You’ll need to spare the additional capital for the purchase of your own new property.

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