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March 29, 2015

Homes Thornhill WoodsWe define Thornhill Woods as the area that is around Major Mackenzie Drive, Dufferin Road, Bathurst Street, and Highway 7. Ever since it was first established, the area has been undergoing many changes and has been subject to tremendous growth.

Thornhill Woods Real Estate Information
There is a reason that Thornhill Woods has an established reputation as a family community, because it is home to many young married couples and families. This is a neighborhood that has a number of new homes, townhouses, and even standalone double-garage homes.

When compared to the newer properties, the older properties tend to have more land available. Many of the newer areas have smaller backyards and the width of the lots is not as wide. However, first-time buyers will welcome this development, because it gives them a chance to afford a home in a top-class neighborhood.

One of the reasons that Thornhill Woods is so popular with families is because of the biking paths, trails, and plentiful green space. While an urban area is only minutes away, the neighborhood offers peace and quiet.

Over the last decade, we have seen the average price for homes and townhouses in the area increase dramatically. There does not appear to be any slowing down either, especially because buyers are still having difficulty finding a home in Thornhill Woods. Simply put, the inventory at Thornhill Woods is unable to meet up with the demand.

Price Range of Homes in Thornhill Woods
Luxury Homes over 1 million
Standalone homes $650,000 over 1 million
Semis $450,000 – $650,000
Townhouses $410,000 – $500,000

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Living in Thornhill Woods
The Tanenbaum Hebrew Centre offers a 67,000 square foot facility that is home to a sports- and recreation pavilion, early childhood education center, and a creative arts center. It is also home to an outpatient clinic for Mt Sinai Hospital.

The opening of Sugarbush Heritage Park officially came in 2006. The park is more than 2.4 hectares, and it is located directly in the heart of Thornhill Woods. A few of the different facilities include an informal picnic area, a lookout point, a gazebo, an amphitheater, and a play area for children. The development of four smaller parks is currently being funded.

When looking for entertainment, most residents of Thornhill Woods decide to go to another area. You can find current movies at budget prices at the Rainbow Cinemas at the promenade shopping center in Thornhill-Vaughan. The entertainment complex at Highway 400 and Highway 7 manages to attract a crowd as well. For all other forms of entertainment, other parts of the Greater Toronto Area are considerably more popular.

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