Feng Shui Tips For Stairs

July 4, 2011

The front door of your home is called “The Mouth of Chi”. This is where all energy enters your home. The placement and style of your staircase can affect the Feng Shui of your home. Unless you are building a new home and can designate the positioning of the staircase, you will have to work with what you have.

Here are some tips for encouraging positive chi in your home:

• Stairs act as a conduit bringing good or bad energy.
• A staircase facing the front door allows energy to rush up the stairs to the upper floor and leaves the lower floor with less chi.
• A closed staircase is preferable to an open staircase. Open risers allow energy to leak between the stairs. This is said to affect wealth.
• Good lighting should surround the staircase and the landing.
• A staircase at the side of the home is preferable to a centre staircase, which is a style that seems to be popular in many homes.
• Your staircase should be in good condition, and the wood should not be cracked or have loose boards.

• Wood, concrete or metal stairs are good, as long as they are solid.
• Carpeting is fine; however a red carpet has negative energy.
• A staircase should not be located in front of a toilet.
• Spiral staircases cause bad feng shui, especially if centrally located. A curved staircase is preferable to a straight or spiral staircase.
• A crystal chandelier or light fixture over the beginning of the staircase offers protection. A skylight can also be placed over a staircase.
A room divider or screen can be placed between the front door and the staircase if they are facing each other.
• Do not allow clutter to accumulate underneath stairs. Use the area for storage, but construct cabinets or use a chest. Living plants can be placed there to improve the flow of chi to the upper area.
• Fu Dogs can be placed on either side at the bottom of the staircase for protection against bad energy.

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