Beauty Cleaning – Prepare Your Home For Selling

June 23, 2011

A beauty cleaning is a cost effective and easy way to prepare your home for sale. Clean your home until it sparkles. A house that looks and smells nice offers a calm and welcoming atmosphere. Buyers will notice that you care for your home and be more responsive to the potential.

Here are some helpful tips to give your home that distinctive touch:

Declutter. The only way to clean properly is to clear surfaces of dust collectors and excessive items. Your collectibles should be stored. Personal items are distracting and may not be to everyone’s taste. Your home should have open spaces. Choose a few special pieces to display, along with some houseplants.

Wash the walls. Most wall paint can be gently washed. If walls are extremely dirty, repaint in a neutral colour. Washable wallpaper can be cleaned with a mild detergent. Do not get the wallpaper too wet. If the paper is lifting at the edges, heavily stained or torn, it is better to remove it and paint or repaper.

Pay particular attention to the kitchen. Remove appliances and other items from the kitchen counters. Clean all appliances inside and out.

Remove excess items from cupboards and organize in a tidy fashion.

Have upholstered furniture and carpeting professionally steam cleaned. You can do it yourself; however, it will not be as effective.

Drapery should be washed or dry cleaned, and blinds washed.

Bad odors turn people off. Don’t just mask odors with air fresheners. There are new products on the market that eliminate difficult odors, including cigarette smoke and pet odors. A product that has been used to great effect by professional cleaners is Nok Out. This all natural product is available in pet stores Open your windows and let the fresh air in. Even in winter, you can open your windows for a short while to air out your home. Volcanic rock is a product that continuously absorbs odors. The rock is available in a mesh bag that can be placed in a discreet location. You can purchase this incredible product at stores such as Toronto’s Lee Valley Tools.

Bathrooms require serious attention. Scrub everything until it shines. Use products that remove mould, mildew and soap residue. Hard water can leave mineral deposits; use a product like CLR to remove this.

Take light fixtures apart and wash them, replace any burnt out bulbs.

Clean and polish all wood surfaces and wood furniture with wood polish.

Clean windows inside and out. If you are unable to clean upper windows, hire a window cleaner.

Don’t forget the outside. If your home has siding that is dull, use a power washer to spruce it up. Rack up leaves or debris, and sweep the walkway and driveway. Nothing will turn a potential buyer away before they even make it to the door, than stepping in dog poop. Get scooping.

While your home is for sale, work on organization and keeping your home tidy. Keeping up with the cleaning every day, will be worth it when your agent telephones you with the words “We have an offer.”

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