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Home Staging real estate. Toronto. Vaughan. Richmond hill. Tips for you — Real Estate Agent Toronto

Home Staging real estate. Toronto. Vaughan. Richmond hill

March 29, 2015

home stagingYou have come to the home staging part of the buying and selling process. Even though this is about US selling YOUR home, it needs to be about US selling people THEIR home. We all have our own ideas, tastes, and preferences, we make our home as we like it. We customize in such a way that it becomes our home.

However, we are not offering people YOUR home, we want people who show up to be interested. Even though it might be difficult to get rid of your child’s best drawing, your doll collection, or your antique China collection, this is what home staging is all about.

Home staging simply means that we make your home more attractive in a number of different categories. It means opening up your home to the broadest audience without alienating anyone. We try to make your home as appealing as possible.

Keep in mind home staging cannot and should not be confused with changing your interior décor through interior decorating. These are two very different things. Interior decorating means personalizing the home, showing the owner’s character through décor. Meanwhile, home staging is about removing personality, which provides each of the visitors with a chance to add their own individuality and distinctiveness. Simply put, home staging means that people are able to imagine themselves in that home.

Who needs home staging when selling a home? Let me be honest, home staging is needed 100 percent of the time when selling a property. This means that anyone who walks through your door has to be able to see their own pictures on the wall, their collectables on the shelf etc.

The primary tasks of home staging include:

  • Selling quickly and at a profit
  • Making sure that people buy your property at the best price
  • A minimal effort to get great results

When prepping a home for home staging, there might be certain methods and details that you think are weird, confusing, and possibly even unnecessary. Even though we acknowledge this, please remember that we have sold countless homes before; we know what we are doing.

The best realtors not only have years of experience in home staging, but they continue to hone their craft. This means continual training, ensuring that the feng-shui of your property is optimized. We do not want to miss out on a single potential buyer, even if you already have three interested parties.

One example I can give you was that a family was selling their home in a good area, for an average price for that particular part of town. Many people came to look at the home, but ended up settling for homes in the neighborhood. Even though buyers decided to pass on the home, they were unable to tell people why they did so. One single couple was able to articulate why they passed on the home “I do not see myself in all of these rugs, carpets, and statues

This is why you need home staging, because you only give the buyer a single chance to create a first, lasting impression. Remember that whatever you pay for staging now is always going to be less than what you need to offer in a price reduction later on.

Trust in a professional opinion, help the buyer make the right choice, and allow me to help you stage the home so everyone can imagine living in the home in his or her way.

For more information you can call me right now: 416-825-7888 or email angela@azgta.com

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