Selling a House: Top Ten Pitfalls

October 24, 2010

House sales are steadily climbing as the dark cloud of the recession becomes something of the past. Despite the positive step forward, many sellers do not know how to make the best of the blooming market to sell a house. The result of their errors has crippled their own efforts to sell a house fast and have opened the doors to their competitors to take home very inviting deals. The ten pitfalls that homeowners commit when they want to sell a house are:

Unrealistic Sales Price

Making a profit is one of the many reasons of selling a house. Very few people are willing to actually sell a house at the exact price they bought if for and assume that placing it at a higher price will compensate for all the investments that they have made to improve it over the years. All efforts should be taken to use the market price that is similar to houses that are being sold, because this is the factor that realtors look at to give their opinions to their clients. Prices should not be based on emotional connection with the house, but on an objective outlook on real estate trends.

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