Eco-Friendly Home: Top 10 Things To Consider

November 15, 2010

With the frequent complaints made about high utility bills and the international alert that has been sounded about the dangers that mankind has unleashed on planet earth, people are now looking for going green solution—even when they are buying a house. People now want more than just a house that they will spend the rest of they lives: they want a eco-friendly home that contributes to the well being of their family and safeguard the environment in the process. Some of the top things to consider about green housing are:

Type of Agent

If you plan to hire an agent to help you find an eco-friendly home you will have to get one that specializes in this type of market. A typical real estate agent will not have the necessary skills or expertise to verify green housing and to voice his or her opinion to buyer as to why he or she should buy a green home over various other options on the market. Real estate agents that specialize in this market are known as eco-brokers and they have been specially trained to identify the perfect home that has green features.


Given the fact that green housing is a relatively new market, the prices attached to these types of houses are slightly higher than typical houses. This is due more to the type of expertise that has to be hired to plan and accompany the construction of the house. There is also the question about the price of the materials that have to be used in green housing.

Green Rating

A rating system is used to identify homes that are truly part of the green scheme. Before you buy a green home check to see the green rating that the house received or analyze and study the house carefully to identify the features that you consider green.

Location of Windows

Part of the objective of a green housing is to guarantee environments that are eco-friendly, safe and that reduced energy costs considerably. Ask to see the plant of the house and check the information to see the side of the house that the sun rises.

Resale Value

Houses that have the green status attract a higher market value than ordinary homes. Homeowners will be interested in the benefits of reduced bills, cooler and safer environment when they are thinking if they should buy a green house or not. The higher resale value will be justified by the types of green materials that are used throughout the house and how effective they will be in saving energy and guaranteeing a safer and more comfortable environment.

Being Part of The Solution

An eco-friendly home is seen as being part of the solution instead of the problem. Not only do they benefit the owner, they also contribute to less carbon in the atmosphere; because they encourage the use of green materials that do not facilitate the use of products that increase carbon release in the atmosphere. Longer Lasting Than Conventional Homes. When you buy a green home, you are investing in property that has been planned to be sustainable. This simply means that the materials that are used last longer than traditional homes and are greener as well.

Lawn Size and Landscaping

Always check to ensure that the size of the lawn does not encourage the use of liters and liters of water, because this is not being eco-friendly. People who want to buy a green home will note that special landscaping has been done to ensure that the heat from the sun is not retained in the earths surface and thus promote a cooler environment.
Solar Panels and Wind Turbines.
Both solar panels and wind turbines are often found in green housing. Check to see if these have been installed, because these along with other renewable sources of energy are the backbone of green housing.
Low Maintenance.
Conventional building materials will require more  maintenance than materials used in eco-friendly homes. This is an advantage to families that are on a budget and do not want the trouble of having o change different fixtures and fittings on a yearly basis.

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