Vaughan. “The City Above Toronto.”

January 14, 2015

Vaughan. “The City Above Toronto.” Vaughan is one of the fastest growing municipalities and its motto is “The City Above Toronto.” Between 1991 and 2011, the total population of the city went up to 288,301. Vaughan is a great place to live, work and play, because it offers all the benefits of becoming a vital component of the greater Toronto area while retaining its original small-town atmosphere.

Vaughan Apartments (Ontario)

Vaughan is one of Canada’s fastest growing municipalities since being designated a city in 1991. The city has a number of different options available, whether it comes to fine dining or shopping. There are brand name outlets, boutiques, specialty shops, and the 1.2 million-square-foot entertainment, dining and shopping complex known as the Vaughan Mills mega mall.

For those who crave a little excitement, you will be happy to know that one of Canada’s most impressive theme parks calls Vaughan home. It is possible to spend an entire day in the 60 ride, 200 attraction filled Paramount Canada’s Wonderland.

For those who love golfing, Vaughan also offers some amazing options. The city is home to many different LPGA and PGA tournaments throughout the year, spread across the 10 excellent golf courses that you will find in the city.

If you like the outdoors, make sure that you visit the Kortright Conservation Area as well. This is Canada’s largest environmental education center and it will certainly impress visitors. Vaughan is not only within close proximity of Toronto, but also Caledon and Brampton.

Rebranding Vaughan

So what do you call one of the fastest growing suburban cities in the entire greater Toronto area, the first city to receive an expensive subway line, a city that is home to some amazingly lush green, and still adds approximately $1 billion of construction value each year? You call it – Vaughan. The three-year rebranding procedure in Vaughan happened alongside the development of a new, $107 million city hall for the city

According to city manager Clayton Harris, Vaughan is a large urban center in the greater Toronto area. The town logo has seen a number of changes as well. The new logo is far cleaner than the old one, but still features the same five lines that make up the communities that comprise Vaughan – Concord, Thornhill, Woodbridge, Kleinburg, and Maple.

The history of Vaughan

The French explorer Étienne Brûlé was the first European to pass through Vaughan. This explorer traversed the Humber Trail in 1615. Yet settlements did not start to develop until 1792, when the townships were created. The lack of roads throughout the region made travel difficult and the area was considered to be extremely remote. The name Vaughan comes from a British commissioner – Benjamin Vaughan. In 1783, this Brit signed a peace treaty with the United States.

There were a number of hamlets that rose up around the facilities built here. The oldest of which is Thornhill, which had a population of 300 by 1836. A few of the others include Burwick (Woodbridge), Sherwood, Jefferson, Elder’s Mills, Concord, Burlington, Patterson, Teston, Richmond Hil, and Maple.

In its early history, Vaughan changed very little. During the 1840s, there were about 4300 inhabitants in the area, and this number had only grown to 4873 by early 1935. However, there was an influx of immigration thanks to World War II, and by early 1960, the population had reached 15,957. The area’s ethno-cultural composition began to change as well, different groups included Eastern Europeans, Jews, and Italians.

Real estate in Vaughan

The real estate to be found in Vaughan is unique, in that the area has a rich history, but the greatest development has only taken place in the last two decades. There is a diverse mixture of properties to be seen around Vaughan, with local shopping options, industrial areas, and wonderful green space.

You can find each conceivable type of housing here, ranging from condos to townhouses, all the way to mansions. Overall, the lots found in Vaughan are large enough to raise a family. There are other reasons that Vaughan is great for raising a family, because there are many organized sports organizations, art options, and a focus on family activities.


North – King Side Road
South – Steeles
East – Yonge Street in the south and Bathurst in the north
West – Highway 50

Average Housing Prices in Vaughan April 2009

Standalone $520,004
Semis $365,294
Townhouse $262,750
Condominiums $333,820

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